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With Indians spread out around the world today, brides and grooms are looking for the perfect Indian wedding ideas, wherever they may be based. Planning an Indian wedding is a prospect that overwhelms many a bride-to-be because of the many intricacies involved, more so when you live far away from the country. Here are some quick guidelines to help you execute a beautiful Indian wedding abroad.

Indian Wedding Favors

The kind of wedding ceremony you plan to have largely depends on your faith and the part of India you or your families originated from. You could also plan to have the broader more general religious wedding ceremony if you cannot find a priest, pandit or officiator who conducts the more regional kind of ceremony. Don’t worry even the basic rituals are beautiful and meaningful.

People living abroad often bemoan the fact they do not have the sheer variety of vendors, props, decorative materials and more that abound here in India. Although that may be the case, there are many small touches and Indian wedding ideas you can incorporate to give your wedding that colourful and ethnic flair. One of the most important elements that makes all the difference is the colour scheme. Indian weddings are known for their rich, bold and vibrant colours in everything from décor to clothing. Adding typically Indian colours like rich reds, oranges, gold, peacock blue, yellow, deep green and more by way for drapes, table and chair covers and other decorative accents can take your ambience up a notch.

For that bling factor you can alsosource embellished fabrics with Indian touches like mirror work, embroidery, brocade work, zari etc. and incorporate in your overall design. Arranging for a mandapwon’t be too difficult since many Western weddings do have a similar structure at the altar. To make it more desi, infuse more colour by way of beautiful fresh flowers and lights that are a big part of Indian wedding décor. Indian wedding ideas for your special day need not be big, hard to make adjustments; it can be as simple as adding small Indian-y accents like diyas, rangoli designs and the like.

Also another nice idea is to collect and play lots of Indian music, be it classical, folk or Bollywood numbers to spice up the occasion. This adds to that ‘wedding in India’ feeling, with a lot of dancing too of course! Feeling a little lost? Marry Me can help with Indian wedding ideas for your big event.

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