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We have at last been able to put pen to paper to thank you for coordinating our wedding and producing such a beautiful day. I doubt it really could have been better. Our day was just perfect, as you already know! Your calming influence throughout was always reassuring. You took a lot of pressure off our backs at a time when we most needed it - I can't believe I even thought twice about using your wedding service! Many of our guests are still singing praises for such an amazing day of events and even more claim it to be the best wedding they've attended!

The service we received from your team was superb - professional and extremely personal. Jarret and Candice, you both made us feel like our wedding was the only thing that mattered!

We thoroughly appreciate the amount of effort you devoted to us and think you did a superb job in bringing everything together given the rather limited timescale we gave you! It was the best day of our lives and a significant part of it was down to you.

A first class wedding service from amazing people!

Avisha & Bhavesh Kumar

Apologies for the delay in sending you this email. But wanted to make sure I send it in leisure to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you'll during the wedding

First of all, the way you guys handled the entire wedding right from minute details of the decor like flowers & draping to the sound / lighting / stage / specifics has me fumbling for words to thank you enough for all that you'll have done for us.

From making sure you've helped us with the invitations to helping us sort out our enormously confusing guest list bifurcation; you'll handled it so beautifully and perfectly.

I have to admit, like everyone else we were initially skeptical of whether or not we would require a wedding planner because after all ours was a small number, but now that I look back at it, I cannot thank our decision enough for having you guys take care of our wedding because the stress just seemed so much lesser when you guys had taken over.

Candice, a very very very special thank you to you for patiently having heard every single little detail of mine and my parents, right from the decor & the flowers to the guest list to the props to the guest book requirements to the stage to my hundred inclusions on the Sangeet night, you made me feel like a pretty princess who just needs to make a wish and you would make it come true or at least try your level best to see what can be done.

I probably have been a picky bride I’m sure, but well when Candice is around I know she can make magic happen and that absolutely showed at each of my functions !!! Everything was bang on as I had pictured in my head !!:):)

Keep the great work going guys, and you'll should know you'll are the NUMBER 1 wedding planners the country has !! It's not easy to listen and to implement everything that a client wants ; manage every single guest's tantrum ; deal with hotel/vendor deadlines and also deal with the clients, but the way you'll handle it actually felt like nothing is impossible for you guys !!

To sum it up, Marry Me wedding Planners is the perfect Genie for a bride-to-be, the only difference being a genie grants you only 3 wishes but Candice will make sure all your wishes have turned into reality on your very special big day!!

Love you'll and im gonna miss working with you'll until we decide to celebrate our second wedding hopefully on our 25th anniversary..;) hahahha !!

Loads and loads of love & best wishes always,
Viresh, Preeya, Mayur & Sonia

I know I did say thank u but I feel I haven't said it enough - thank u so so much for doing Dinesh's and my wedding, for putting up with my needs and for being so so polite and patient. You guys were amazing, and I wouldn't have been able to get it organized in a third city for such a number of days and for such a big fat Indian wedding!

Thank u so much from my heart - I miss u all! Hope u are well :)

Love much,
Dinesh and Anju

I just want to say a big thank you to you for everything. I think I had this fairy tale wedding where everything was just as I had imagined it would be. None of this would have been possible without you. You went above and beyond our agreement and made everything so perfect and beautiful.

Everyone has been raving about the wedding and I keep telling them it was because I had the best wedding planner. I'm taking full credit for finding you guys.

I hope we can stay in touch. Let me know if you are in the US anytime soon and hopefully we can catch up when I'm in Bombay next.

Thank you again for everything,
Shivani Sehgal

Let us begin by saying we can not thank Candice and Jarret enough for giving us the most beautiful and stress free wedding. We live in New York, and unlike most Indian weddings, this wedding was not being organized by our parents. We decided to get married in May and figured December will be the month best suited to us. However, late in July we got in touch with Marry Me Wedding Planners and this is really when the wedding preparations began in earnest.

We were very pleasantly surprised at the amount of hard work and creative input the team at Marry Me put in our wedding. We hired their help for arranging the wedding functions but they went above and beyond all our expectations and helped us with so much more. Their help with fixing last minute needs such as arranging of a make up guy for the bride, saree draping services for the bride's party, groom's dress designer, a music band for the reception, was invaluable.

Everything that Marry Me did for the Sangeet function was simply amazing. With their creativity, they converted a good location into a perfect venue for the occassion. They took a very loose idea of ours and converted it into something we could have not even imagined. Our guests are still raving about the function, 6 months after the wedding.

Candice and Jarret, we can not thank you enough for everything you did for us. For making our wedding so beautiful and memorable, we will always be in your debt.

Mamta and Rishabh Bhandari

We are so grateful for your expert orchestration of our wedding day. We consider ourselves blessed to have had the privilege of working with someone who translated our vision with such style, grace and professionalism. Every detail exceeded our expectations and our guests were thoroughly impressed with your talents.

Candice - you are an amazing wedding planner and it shows that you love and exceed in what you do.
Jarret - you showed us some excellent venues and we fell in love with the first one you showed us. Thank you for your constant updates and emails. Your quick response and patience helped us make some our final decisions.
Thank you also to all your staff that helped us out on our wedding day itself!!!

I would highly recommend you'll to anyone, anytime, anyplace. So I truly thank you all, for we are indeed a very happy wedded couple.

Ritchie and Samantha

We never really got a chance to come around and thank you personally, because of all the rushing and we are now out of the country with some peace :)

Thank you for making our party an absolute blast... Everyone loved the ambiance and food as well.

We would be definitely recommending you amongst friends and family, so don't complain if you find your hands full! :) Next time we are in Mumbai, we'll come by and say hi, and show you the photos!

Best Wishes and Good Luck
Taher & Tilika

One thing's for sure... Ours wasn't an easy wedding to plan. A Punjabi kudi getting married to an Australian mate. The wedding had to have the sanctity of all Hindu rituals combined with a dollop of Punjabi naach gana; and also had to be enjoyable and comfortable for our expat guests. Deciding that we were going to have an Indian wedding was easy, trying to put it together by ourselves was a completely different ball game (actually the word we are looking for is 'disaster')! After spending about a week, trying to make sense of all the preparations to be done, desperation had just started setting in when we had our very own eureka moment, Wedding planners!

Even during our first meeting with Candice and Jarret we realized that we had found our saviours. Over the next few months we were amazed at the amount of hard work they put in and the creative initiative they took on our behalf. They gave us the perfect wedding, everything was planned to the last detail; on time and with the best possible outcome. The venues were well chosen and beautifully decorated, the catering was delicious and all the vendors they provided were great quality at great prices. Since a lot of guests were coming from overseas, there were many additional arrangements that had to be made regarding hotel bookings, travel plans, pickups and drops; and everything went like clockwork. They made sure that the months leading to our wedding were easy on our nerves and all arrangements well taken care of. In a nut shell, their planning and execution were impeccable. Our friends, family and guests; all had a great time.

Above all, they made sure that we enjoyed every moment of our wedding. How many couples can claim that?

Geetika and Chris Higgins

Here are some wonderful memories from our wedding. You and your team are a big part of this and I cant thank you enough for casting your magical wand on our wedding. The entire decor was everything we hoped it to be and more...I am still in love with my bouquet.

Thank you for listening to me and really bringing some of my ideas to life....I wish you even more success in all you do.

Judann Ambrose-Wriedt

Thank you so much for the most memorable time I have had during the wedding. Everything went without a hitch and I have been lavished by praise from friends and family. I know that this praise rightly belongs to you and your silent supervision and I would really like to convey my gratitude to both of you for all your help and suggestions.

Aditya and I will probably be shifting to Jaipur permanently next month, but I will remember you both and wish you great success in your work. You understood my requirements and preferences perfectly and worked accordingly and that is truly the attribute of a talented counselor.

God bless you
Mrs. Manjari Shivahare – Mother of the bride

A wedding is a memorable occasion for every couple but when you have hardly any time to plan it, it can turn into a nightmare!! We had 6 functions in 3 days, all different venues, plus arranging accommodation for all our out of town guests. We live in Dubai and I still remember when my husband flew down to Bombay two weeks before the wedding, we had done nothing. Fortunately he then found Marry Me! I am not exaggerating when I say that the Marry Me team actually made sure everything was taken care of, I was surprised to see that my wedding actually turned out to be one of the most fabulous arrangements I had ever seen (except maybe in Bollywood movies!)

All in all, who can arrange a big fat Sindhi wedding in two weeks! It is four months since my wedding now, and I still remember their co-operation and generous attitude. Anyone reading this testimonial will be surprised to know that both me and my husband were in Dubai while these arrangements were bring done in Bombay. I also should not forget to mention when my bridal make up artist (who I had booked on my own) actually messed up everything at the reception, Marry Me arranged a fabulous and famous make up artist. I was extremely pleased. I had only wished I asked them to arrange one for me right from the beginning.

Marry Me really did the impossible for us. We wish and bless the team for years to come.

Thank you,
Radha & Amit Pamnani

I would have been really lost and the wedding would not have come together as beautifully as it did had it not been for Candice. She was a great great help!

Manpreet Raggi

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